Who We Are

Who We Are


Founded by coach David Beckley, mPower6 is bringing ethics back to fundraising in sports, and more importantly a better model for our youth. Each campaign centers around generating funds for the customer’s needs using today's technology – but also around community service and charitable donations. Giving our youth and teams an invaluable opportunity to give back to the community - a way to say thank you to their donors for the support and pay it forward! mP6 feels our youth will learn about service and duty - which will give them a chance to shine moving forward!


is a fundraising app used to quickly and easily generate funds for school programs, sports teams, and AAU organizations for all ages. Programs use our platform to reach out to family, friends, and the general public in search of donations for their program. The simplicity of the mPower6 app allows the coach or director to focus on the children and their program.

We believe in fundraising, not handouts. With each donation, mPower6 encourages participating children to get involved in community service – and a portion of the funds is given to charity. The app teaches children the value of working for monetary donations and the ethics of giving back. This is where mPower6 separates itself from the competition.

When we think of our platform and what we do for our customers, the biggest word that keeps coming back to us is EMPOWER. When people donate to our youth, it gives them a chance to shine. Which is empowering. In fact, through our business model you can empower 6 different audiences:


  • Get an opportunity to participate in the program

  • Learn valuable life lessons

  • Stay off the streets

  • Gain physical fitness


  • Gets a financial break

  • Children grow through involvement in team and community service


  • Has increased budget for:
    • Equipment

    • Facilities

    • Special trips - experience different parts of country

  • Becomes more competitive

  • Team grows with camaraderie and responsibility through community service


  • Improves facilities to last well beyond the current season

  • Benefits from community service on both ends - giving and receiving

  • Better school spirit

  • Better school morale


  • Teams will offer community service locally as appreciation for donations

  • Benefits from better facilities - better experience at games

  • Benefits from more competitive teams - everybody loves to win

  • Local businesses flourish when sport teams are competitive

  • Improves community spirit

  • Fosters community morale


  • The charity of choice receives a monetary donation or volunteer help from the campaign which:

  • Allows them to reach more people and spread their brand

  • Does more work for their cause through donations from our campaign